Article ID: 000092914 Content Type: Troubleshooting Last Reviewed: 10/26/2023

Encountered Error: “403 – Forbidden” in Intel® Partner University


Troubleshooting guidance to address the issue.


Error encountered: 403 Forbidden when accessing Competency or course in Intel Partner University.


This error is usually the result of any of these three reasons:

  • The user has not activated their profile in Intel® Partner University.
    • The first time you visit the University site, the system will create your profile on the Learning Platform. This is separate from your Partner Alliance profile, and generally happens in the background when you first visit the site. If you attempt to access a course in University, the site may not recognize your profile and will return the 403 Forbidden error.
    • Ensure you first visit before attempting to take a course. It only takes a few minutes for you profile to populate, and you will then have full access to the Partner University catalog.
  • The user is attempting to access a training course URL provided by another user.
    • Due to the personalization of Intel Partner University, each URL is unique to that specific user.

For instance, if a colleague copies a link and send it to you via email, you will not be able to access that course.
The link they send might look something like this:

If you click on that link, you will receive a 403/Forbidden error message.

To access the course, you will need to modify the URL to its base form. The base form template is:

The course ID is the first four-digit set of numbers in the URL, so in this case you'd want to use this URL:

That should allow you to access the course.

  • The user is not registered to Intel® Partner Alliance Program.
    • If you are not yet registered, contact your partner admin and request to add you to your business account or you could self-register, just click How to Join Intel® Partner Alliance Program and follow the instructions indicated.
    • Ensure that your registration has been completed and approved before you access the portal.

If that doesn't work and the issue persists, contact Intel Customer Support and provide the following information for further investigation:

  • URL of the course or Competency
  • Competency or course name