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How to Change the Color Depth in the Intel Graphics Command Center when Using Intel® Arc™ Limited Edition Cards


Describes the reason why changing the color depth is not supported in the Intel Graphics Command Center when using Intel® Arc™ Limited Edition Cards


I cannot change the color depth in the Intel Graphics Command Center when using an Intel® Arc™ Limited Edition card.

  • The Intel® Graphics Command Center currently only supports changing the color depth for native HDMI outputs.
  • The Intel® Arc™ Limited edition cards use a Protocol Converter (PCON) to drive its HDMI from Display Port, thus HDMI is not native on these devices.
  • For Intel Arc cards from other manufacturers and systems using mobile SKUs of Intel Arc, refer to the manufacturer's documentation to verify if HDMI is native to the card.
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If you are using an Intel® CPU with Integrated Graphics and your motherboard has a native HDMI port, connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on the motherboard instead of the one on the Arc GPU. Doing this will result on the Arc GPU handling the rendering of the game or other tasks you use you Arc GPU for, but the display output will be handled by the Integrated Graphics. This is turn results in the Color Depth, Quantization Range and Color Format been modifiable in the Intel® Graphics Command Center.

Doing this does have the caveat that the display resolution and refresh rate will be limited by what is supported by the specific Integrated Graphics included in your Intel® CPU instead of what is supported by the Intel Arc Limited Edition Card.

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