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How Can I Overclock My Intel® Arc™ GPU Using Intel® Arc™ Control?


Intel® Arc™ desktop graphics cards


Explanation on how overclock the Intel® Arc™ using the performance parameters on Arc Control


Looking for information on how to use Arc Control to overclock my Intel® Arc™ graphics card

WarningApplying an overvoltage can damage your GPU and lead to the reduction in the lifespan of your GPU or reduction in overall system stability.
  • Overclocking will only be available on Desktop Intel® Arc™ Graphics Cards. Mobile Intel® Arc™ graphics cards cannot be overclocked.
  • Overclocking Intel® Arc™ Graphic Cards is offered as a best effort. Performance increase through overclocking is not guaranteed.

To tune the Intel® Arc™ performance parameters on Arc Control:

  1. Click the Performance tab on Arc Control
  2. Click the Configure button
  3. Move the corresponding slider to tune the parameter you want. You can tune multiple parameters.
  4. The available parameters are:
    • GPU Performance Boost: Adjusts voltage and frequency characteristics to improve performance while staying within the same power limits. This feature may cause system instability.
    • GPU Voltage Offset: Allow for manual control of voltage by applying a positive offset in millivolts.
    • GPU Power Limit: Set a limit for maximum power consumed by the GPU
    • GPU Temperature Limit: Set a maximum temperature limit that the GPU should not exceed
  5. Toggle the Apply setting on system boot switch to allow Arc Control to apply the new configured values every time your system boots.