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How to Tell If an Intel® Deep Link Feature Is Enabled on My System?


Description on how each of the Intel® Deep Link features is enabled.

  • How I can enable Intel® Deep Link on my Intel® Arc™ system?
  • How to tell if said features are enabled?

Intel® Deep Link technologies are a set of Intel exclusive features designed to combine the hardware capabilities of an Intel Core™ CPU and an Intel Arc™ dedicated GPU for additive performance and enhanced experiences. See Information on Intel® Deep Link Technologies for more.

The first requirement for enabling Intel Deep Link is for your system to have an 11th, 12th or 13th gen Intel® CPU and an Intel® Arc™ discrete GPU. Then, each of the Intel Deep Link features will be automatically enabled if your system meets the specific requirements listed below.

Dynamic Power Share:

  • Only available on mobile Arc Graphics
  • Requires the laptop’s thermal solution to be a unified design to include both the CPU and GPU
  • Must be enabled by the manufacturer

Stream Assist:

  • Must be supported by the developer of the streaming software
  • Currently enabled on Intel Arc Control, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)*, XSplit*, AVerMedia CamEngine*, Streamlabs*, and Huya*

Hyper Encode:

  • Must be supported by the developer of the encoding software
  • Currently enabled on Handbrake*, Davinci Resolve*, and Cyberlink*

Hyper Compute:

  • Must be supported by the developer of the AI software
  • Currently supported by OpenVINO™