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How to Install Intel® Unison™ Software


Microsoft Windows* 11 SV2 and above, Intel® Wi-Fi 6E AX411, AX211, AX210 Products, iOS* 15.x and above, Android* 9 and above


Details of how to install Intel® Unison™ software


How do I install Intel® Unison™ software into PC and Phone?


Intel® Unison™ solution consists of applications on PC and Phone.

Onboarding on PC:

  1. Open Intel® Unison™ app
  2. Turn on Wireless and Bluetooth
  3. Follow on screen guide to install phone app
  4. Pairing phone and PC apps

    example image

  5. Scan QR Code or use Text Code then verify with PIN Code

    example image

  6. Confirm with New auto generate QR Code or PIN if expired

Pairing With Mobile App:

  1. Click Get the phone app here button from Intel® Unison™ app on PC
  2. Download and install the phone app (iOS* or Android*)
  3. Turn on Wireless and Bluetooth
  4. Accept Terms and license agreement then gain permission to listed Access

    example image example image

  5. Scan QR Code or get Text Code from PC then verify with PIN for pairing

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