Article ID: 000092508 Content Type: Troubleshooting Last Reviewed: 05/30/2023

Unable to Detect the Drive When Installing a New Windows* OS on a 12th or 11th Gen Processors Device


Troubleshooting steps to detect the drive when installing a new Windows* OS on a 12th or 11th Gen Processors Device


When installing the Windows* operating system, no storage drives are available to select for the destination drive.


Follow the instructions below to properly detect available storage drives for OS installation.

  1. Follow the procedure to extract .zip files from SetupRST.exe.
  2. Transfer the corresponding files to a USB flash drive.
  3. Start the Windows® 10 or 11 Installation process.
  4. Load the Intel® RST driver from step 1.
  5. OS installation
  6. Press Load driver.
  7. Press Browse.
  8. Select the USB drive that contains the F6 driver and expand the folder that contains the driver. Press OK.
  9. Select the correct driver to proceed.
  10. Select the drive for OS installation and press Next. If the driver still undetected, repeat steps 1-8 using the Intel RST driver from your device manufacturer website.