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Where to find the Serial Number for Intel® Wireless Cards


Windows 11* Family, Windows 7 family*, Windows 8.1 family*, Windows 8 family*, Windows® 10 family


Information on how to identify your Intel wireless card's Serial Number.


Need to find the Serial Number and check if the Intel® Wireless Card is authentic.


There are 2 types of Intel Wireless cards

  1. Boxed Intel Wireless Desktop Kit: 
    • Sold by Intel Authorized Distributors, this kit includes two antennas, two RF cables with connectors and two mounting brackets (full and half size).
    • This can be easily identified by the word "Desktop" on the product name.
    • An example of this wireless kit is the Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 Desktop Kit.
    • Boxed Intel Wireless Desktop Kit Serial numbers can be found in the box.
  2. OEM Intel Wireless card:
    • Intended to be sold to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) as part of an OEM system such as a laptop, mini PC, All-In-One computer system, tablet and pre-built computer systems.
    • This type of wireless card does not include the components normally present in a Boxed Intel Wireless Desktop Kit and it has no "Desktop" on the product name.
    • An example of this wireless card is the Intel® Wireless-AC 9560.
    • Intel does not provide direct warranty support for this type of wireless card. We highly suggest contacting your OEM or place of purchase to verify the Serial Numbers.
Additional information

Intel® has no tool to verify the Serial Number for an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). In this case, we suggest buying the wireless module from authorized Distributors to mitigate the legit concerns. Other than that, the OEM module warranty is not covered by Intel. For more details, you need to work with the Distributor or place of purchase for support to further verify if the wireless card is legitimate.

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