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How Do I Stream Directly from Intel® Arc Control?


Explains how to stream directly from Intel® Arc Control to streaming services like Twitch


Unable to determine how to stream from Intel® Arc Control.


Intel Arc Control allows you to stream directly to services such as Twitch without the need of any other software. See how to stream from Intel Arc Control.

Before continuing: ensure Intel® Arc Control is installed on your system.

How to Use and Customize Virtual Camera with Intel Arc Control

  1. Open Intel® Arc Control by using Alt + i and open the Studio tab.
  2. Select Broadcast from either the left or top navigation menu.
  3. Click the gear icon on the top right of the Intel® Arc Control interface.
  4. Input the Streaming URL and Stream Key you got when you registered an account with any streaming services such as Twitch.
  5. Select your preferred settings for the following by using the drop-down menus:
    • Display: in case you system has multiple displays, here you can chose which one of the displays will be streamed
    • Audio Device: chose which one of your audio devices will be streamed
    • Microphone: select which one of your microphones will be added to the stream
    • Advanced Settings: Additional features and customization of your stream can be accessed when clicking the Configure button; such as Resolution, Frame Rate, Video Bitrate and others.
  6. Click the on switch next to Go Live to start streaming directly to the service configured in Step 4.