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How to Get a Ecc Error Count from Logs


A process on How to get an Ecc Error count from logs using Server Log Advisor tool


How to get an ECC error count from Intel® Server Boards

NoteSupported Product Families: D40AMP, S2600BP, M50CYP, M20MYP, S2600ST, D50TNP, S9200WK, S2600WF.
  1. From the BMC (Base Management Console) generate and download a new set of files;

    How to Collect the Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) System Debug... (

    For sysinfo:
    Download sysinfo utility  System Information Retrieval Utility (SysInfo) for Intel® Server Boards and Intel® Server Systems Based on Intel® 621A Chipset
    Run #sysinfo.efi (UEFI)
    For BMC DebugLog
    Download sysconfig utility from Save and Restore System Configuration Utility (syscfg) for Intel® Server Boards and Intel® Server Systems Based on Intel® 621 A Chipset
    Run #syscfg /savebmcdebuglog [filename]

  2. Extract the file content into a folder.
  3. Access Server Log Advisor Servertools - Server Log Advisor (
  4. Select the option Select & Upload BMC System Debug Log.

    example image

  5. Accept the Notice & Disclaimers.

    example image

  6. Upload the file named:
  7. The application will process and decrypt the file:

    example image

  8. The results will be shown on the screen, including details of the issue and reported occurrences count:

    example image

  9. The application will also list the possible troubleshooting steps:

    example image

  10. The Correctable/Uncorrectable error will be listed in detail, timeframe and possible troubleshooting steps:

    example image

  11. You can also save your session or download the decrypted log files

For more information about Server Log Advisor tool please contact Technical Support.