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Why is the Graphics Driver on my Intel® NUC Reverting to an Older Version


How to install a Graphics driver so that Windows Update doesn't revert it to an older version.


Windows Update (WU) removes the recently installed Intel® graphics driver.


You must install the Intel® graphics driver twice to get around the Windows Update behavior. 

  1. Install the preferred Intel® graphics driver.
  2. Restart the computer.
  3. When Windows Update removes the Intel® graphics driver, usually during the reboot, install the preferred Intel® graphics driver a second time.

After installing the Intel® graphics driver a second time, Windows Update should not overwrite the installed Intel® graphics driver.

Additional information

Graphics drivers that get delivered and installed through Windows* Update (WU) will always get priority over user installed drivers. This means, when a user installs a graphics driver and it's not the same version that's on Windows Update, Windows Update will overwrite the user installed graphics driver version.

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