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Graphics Output Is Blurry or has Poor Resolution


Troubleshooting steps to fix an issue with blurry graphics output.


Both the laptop’s display and external monitor’s graphics output seem unclear despite using the graphics driver from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and Intel.


There are many reasons for this symptom. Try the following to fix this issue:

  1. Make sure the graphics driver is up-to-date.  Get the latest customized drivers from your OEM support webpage. If this doesn't work, compare your current driver version to the one labeled Latest in Intel Downthe load Center for your specific graphics adapter.
  2. Set the resolution and scale factor of each screen to the recommended values by the OS. 
  3. Check with your OEM support to ensure that your device supports the display configuration used in your setup.
  4. Toggle ClearType Text and see if this makes a difference. 
  5. If the issue happens only in a specific application, change its graphics preference to "high performance."
  6. Switch to the Best Appearance settings
    • Press Win+R and type sysdm.cpl
    • Go to Advance/Settings and select Adjust for best appearance. 
    •  Click Apply
  7. Check and update the drivers and firmware for your monitor or display. Contact your monitor manufacturer for details.
  8. swap the test using another monitor or display if this only happens with external monitors.
  9. If the issue persists, contact OEM support to help diagnose any possible hardware issue or have your system checked by a local technician.

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