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What Is the Best Way to Check if the Frequency Is Set to High or Low Values in Your System?


Ways to check if the frequency reported is high (or low) values


Observed a high frequency on some cores. Is this is normal?


It is normal to have the frequency be high because of one core or multiple cores. This depends on the type of workload running in the system, such as gaming, benchmarking, or overclocking.

To check if the frequency is set to high in the system, you need to check per core and per system total usage.

You can use the Intel® XTU to view frequency per core.

Here are a few tips on the recommended ways to check the frequency in Intel systems.

  • Check the frequency core usage per core and the system total usage. You need to look at all the individual cores usage, and you can use the Intel® XTU to view frequency per core.
  • Use the Task Manager to check if the CPU is having high usage. Processes could be running.
  • Make sure the power option in Windows* is set to Balanced.

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