Article ID: 000090715 Content Type: Troubleshooting Last Reviewed: 11/08/2023

Bluetooth Mouse Doesn't Work


AX200, AC 7265

Windows® 10, 64-bit*


Steps to troubleshoot issues with a Bluetooth mouse.

  • Mouse is not connecting via Bluetooth
  • When connecting via USB (dongle) - USB is not identified
  1. Check the Supported Bluetooth connection types or versions of your computer. Some Bluetooth accessories may need a certain Bluetooth specification (version) to work properly.
  2. Install the Bluetooth driver from your computer manufacturer before installing the latest generic driver from the Intel Download Center. This is because your computer manufacturer may have software or drivers that are customized for your system.
  3. If the issue remains, try updating to the latest generic Bluetooth drivers before connecting/pairing the mouse via Bluetooth.
  4. If the Bluetooth mouse has a USB receiver, try plugging the USB dongle into a different USB port, as most computers have more than 1 USB port, or try another USB device to ensure the USB port works.
  5. Make sure that the batteries are new and correctly inserted and that the mouse and keyboard are switched on.
  6. Remove and reinsert the receiver.
  7. If you still have connection issues, restart your computer.
  8. If none of these steps work, there may be a problem with the hardware/firmware of the USB ports or the device accessories. For this, contact your computer system manufacturer or your device accessories system manufacturer for further troubleshooting and assistance.

If in need of further assistance, contact Intel Customer Support.