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Encountered Error: "Access to additional search results is restricted. Please sign in or register to view"


How to resolve the error "Access to additional search results is restricted, Please sign in or register to view" when searching for a document in Resource and Documentation Center.


Unable to search for documents via Resource and Documentation Center due to encountered message "Access to additional search results is restricted. Please sign in or register to view" even though the user has RDC access 


1. Log in to your Developer Zone Premier account first.

Here's how you can log in to your account:

1. Go to;

2. Click the human icon at the top right side of the page;

3. Enter your username and password;

4. You may also opt to log in by clicking "Sign in or register";


5. Then, enter your username and password.

Once logged in, enter the desired document number or keyword in the search bar of the RDC website. Several results will appear.

If the issue persists, please take note that this message appears when the session token in the RDC page gets timed over and it will not recognize the user with DZP (Developer Zone Premier aka RDC) access and it may not return results of what users are looking for giving an impression that users are unable to search documents they need. It may sometimes only show public documents that may or may not be relevant to what users are looking for. This is the expected behavior of the page as there is no such indicator that the session is over and the user has signed out of the page.

To resolve this, users may perform any of the basic troubleshooting steps below:

  1. Sign out and sign in to the Resource and Documentation Center.
  2. Clear cache and cookies of the web browser before signing in to the Resource and Documentation Center
  3. Use different browsers; or sign in to the Resource and Documentation Center via incognito mode.


If you don't have an account yet, refer to How to Apply for an Intel® Resource & Documentation Center (RDC) and/or Intel® Developer Zone (DevZone) Account