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Cannot Access Intel Confidential Documentation from Intel® Resource and Documentation Center and/or Intel® Developer Zone


Downloading certain content and developer tools and resources from Intel sites may require specific permissions.


Can access public content but not Intel Confidential (secure or targeted) content.

When trying to review or download content, receive one of these alerts:

  • Sign In page
  • Not Authorized to Access page (You do not currently have access to the requested site. For assistance, please refer to our contact information here.
  • Additional Permissions Needed: You do not have permission to access the content you selected. If you feel that you have reached this message in error, please contact account support.

Accessing secure, targeted, Intel Confidential (and even internal only) content requires a person to log in with an account that is entitled with specific credentials.

This type of content may have a lock symbol which indicates that specific credentials are needed.

Below are reasons the content may not be accessible: 

  1. If the Sign In page appears:
  2. If your are logged in and the Not Authorized to Access page appears:

    • This indicates that an external user has Standard access, which does not allow access to locked content.
      • To view account access/rights, go to My Intel Account profile by clicking the person icon in the upper right-hand corner of the mega-menu.
      • Select Profile, Programs & Settings under My Intel Dashboard.
      • The far-right section will indicate a user has Developer Zone Standard or Developer Zone Premier, if applicable.

    If the far-right section indicates a user has Developer Zone Premier, but the Not Authorized to Access page appears, that means the content is targeted to specific accounts. Contact Intel Customer Support for assistance.

    Note: For users who registered and approved for a Developer Zone (DevZone) Premier account from April 2022 onwards, Developer Zone Premier will not appear in their profile page. Contact Intel Customer Support to confirm if Developer Zone Premier account is approved or active. 

  3. If logged in and the Additional Permissions Needed page appears.

    • This indicates that the external user does not belong to any of the approved groups or roles for this content
    • If the external user has Developer Zone Premier and is unable to find the document he is looking for, contact Intel Customer Support for assistance.
Additional information

The Resource and Documentation Center and the Intel Developer Zone provide resources to:

  • Developer programs
  • Development tools
  • Public and Intel Confidential documentation
  • Developer training with live workshops, on-demand training, code walkthroughs, and more
  • Links to general computing topics and technologies
  • Links to communities and events and to some of our most popular support forums
  • A wide range of self-help resources