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How Do I Use the Virtual Camera in Intel® Arc Control for Streaming or Content Creation?


Windows 11, 64-bit*, Windows® 10, 64-bit*


How to enable Virtual Camera in Intel® Arc Control.


Unable to determine how to use the Virtual Camera in Intel® Arc Control.


The Intel® Arc™ Control Virtual Camera allows you to inject your personalized camera settings into your game streams, conference calls, and much more. See how to enable Virtual Camera below.

Before continuing: ensure Intel® Arc Control is installed on your system.

How to Use and Customize Virtual Camera with Intel Arc Control

  1. Open Intel® Arc™ Control by using Alt + i and open the Studio tab.

  2. Select Virtual Devices from either the left or top navigation menu.

  3. Select your preferred settings for the following by using the drop-down menus:

    • Camera Source: select your preferred camera and resolution
    • Background Effects: enable background effects

    • Background Image: select background image of your choice and apply Background Effects

    • Auto-Frame: enable auto-frame to naturally crop and center your face and your virtual camera as your head moves around the frame

    • Additional features and customization can be viewed in the Preview window

  4. Click the on switch next to Enable Virtual Device to start using your Virtual Camera.


NoteIf using third-party software, look for the "Intel Virtual Camera" option.