Reference guide for Field Replacement Units (FRUs) and Spare Parts Information for the Intel® NUC Laptops and Intel® NUC Elements


Warranty & RMA



The Intel® NUC Laptop Kit(s) and/or Intel® NUC Element(s) must be under warranty for complementary FRUs.*

To order FRUs, contact Intel Customer Support.

  • Limited quantities are available if accumulating in anticipation of failures.
  • Proof of purchase may be needed to confirm warranty status.
  • If a FRU is not available for a system, Intel will replace or refund that product.
  • Customers must determine their FRU needs to support their own warranty when the Intel product EOL notification is released.  
  • FRUs that are in stock will be shipped quicker than most standard replacements, as they are one-way shipments.   If a FRU is not available, the customer will be advised of the lead time and can select a system replacement as an alternative.

When contacting Intel® Customer Support to order FRUs, make sure to provide the following information:

  • Intel Stocking ID
  • Quantity
  • Intel product description

All the above information can be found in the Intel® NUC Laptop and Intel® NUC Element FRU parts list.

*Intel NUC Laptop Battery FRUs: The battery must be under warranty. All batteries are warrantied for one year.

For more information or any questions, contact Intel Customer Support.