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Why Is There a Persistent Observation of High Temperatures When Running Processor Stress Tests?


Explains that any stress test is generally not considered a normal workload.


Intel® 12th Gen Processor state is being throttled when running benchmarking applications


During normal operation, the processor should run within our guidelines when using our thermal solutions executing normal workloads.  Any stress test is generally not considered a normal workload.

For self-built systems, make sure to choose a thermal solution that is equal to or higher than the Processor Base Power or Thermal Design Power (TDP) based on your needs or requirements.

Additionally, motherboard configuration plays a big role in whether the processor is running within our guidelines. Some of the motherboards even have default BIOS setting configured to run out of specification / beyond Intel guidelines. Refer to your motherboard vendor for BIOS settings.

For laptops, refer to your OEMs for support as they know more about your laptop configurations and settings

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