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How to Create RAID in Intel® Server M50CYP Family


Step by step instructions on how to enable VMD and create RAID volume in Intel® Server M50CYP Family


Unable to create RAID volume in Intel® Server M50CYP Family.

  1. Enable VMD Controller Domains by accessing BIOS > Advanced > Integrated IO configuration > Volume Management Device.

    Volume Management Device

    Select Enable

  2. Press F10 to save the settings. Once the system restarts, press F2 to access BIOS.
  3. Enter BIOS > Advanced > PCI configuration > UEFI option ROM control > Intel® Virtual RAID on CPU.

    Intel Virtual RAID on CPU

  4. Select All Intel VMD Controllers. This will display the list of SSD’s detected and menu options to create RAID.

    All Intel VMD Controllers

    SSDs detected and menu options to create RAID

  5. Create desired RAID by selecting the SSD’s and RAID level.

    Create RAID Volumes

    RAID volumes


Intel® Server M50CYP Family systems do not support VROC for add-in cards NVMe* devices, and the reason is that there is no way of enabling VMD on any PCIe* slots.
Drives are detected in BIOS (Storage controller section), but VROC cannot be configured on them.

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