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SMART Error Reported on Drives Configured in VROC of Intel® Server Board S2600STBR


Troubleshooting steps for SMART errors reported by drive


Suddenly encountered a SMART error on drives configured in VROC and still reoccurs even after suppressing the warnings in VROC GUI.

  • Reset the SMART errors on the drives and modify the cooling policy of the server.
  • Download the update packageReflash the BIOS and reupdate the FRU/SDR manually and separately by running UpdBIOS.nsh and once completed, run UpdS2600STBFRUSDR.nsh instead of running startup.nsh on a usual Firmware update process.

If the above does not help:

  • Shutdown and remove power cables from the PSU. (This will reset the BMC)
  • Wait for 10 secs then reconnect the power cable.
  • Wait for the Blue LED on the front panel to go off then only power on the system. (roughly 60sec, this allows the BMC to finish booting)
  • Wait for around 30 seconds after power on, login to BMC and get new set of debug log.
  • Boot to windows and get the following then submit to Intel Support:
    1. OS event log
    2. Windows* System Event log
    3. Windows* Application Event log
    4. VROC system report

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