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Error Codes 350 and 1603 during Silent Installation of Intel® Wi-Fi Driver 21.50.X or Later for Windows® 10


Intel® Wi-Fi 8265 series, 9560 series, and AX200 series. Driver 22.80.1. DELL™ Latitude models 52xx, 53xx, 54xx, 55xx, 75xx, and 77xx Series. DELL™ XPS 13 9365. DELL™ Latitude 5490, 5400, and 5410. Windows 10 Enterprise x64 1909 and 20H2.

Windows® 10, 64-bit*


Information about the meaning of error codes during silent installation.


Unable to find the meaning of Error codes 350 and 1603 returned by the driver installer during silent installation of Intel® Wi-Fi Drivers on Windows® 10 when using software deployment and management toolPDQ Deploy*.


Error code 350: This relates to a pending reboot, and this does not depend on Intel's driver. If in the previous installation one of the INFs requested reboot (quite common with the WiFi driver) then any installation afterward will request reboot, this can also happen if there is a pending Windows update.

Error code 1603: This is a general error, it can be anything from an exception in code to a problem with the setup.xml. For specific identification of the error, users would need to review the log for further details. Users may also share the log with Intel Support so we can review it further to see if there are any additional details to provide.
The recommendation is to update Windows and contact the Computer Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to review this further since this error could be linked to the operating system (OS).