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Why Am I Unable to Sign In to My Intel® Retail Edge Account?


Explains possible reasons and workarounds for access issues in the Intel® Retail Edge Program.

  • Unable to log in to the Intel® Retail Edge Program Account.
  • Account is locked.

An Intel® Retail Edge Account may be inaccessible or deactivated due to the following reasons:

  • Incorrect credentials — Multiple attempts of entering incorrect credentials may lock the user's account. Check if the correct credentials were used or visit article My Intel® Retail Edge Account is Locked. How Can I Unlock It? for more details.
  • Duplicate account — Members are limited to one active account per person. To request removal of duplicate account, visit How to Request an Account Deletion in the Intel® Retail Edge Program for more details.
  • Inactive Member — If a Member has not successfully completed a training in the previous 180 days, they are considered inactive. The Member's Account will remain inactive until the Member completes a training. After two years (730 days), inactive accounts may be purged.
    Reactivation is done solely at the Sponsor's discretion on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Other Account violation(s)

Contact Intel Customer Support for reactivation request and checking of possible violation(s) on the account.

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