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How to Set Up Alerts on the Integrated Baseboard Management Controller Web Console (Integrated BMC Web Console) for Intel® Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and VMware* ESXi


VMware ESXi 7.0 Update 2



Steps to configure the Intel(R) Integrated BMC Web Console to make the alerts use SNMP


Unable to configure the alerts using SNMP when using VMware ESXi as the Operating System (OS)


To enable SNMP when the OS is VMware follow these steps:

  1. Open https://BMC_ip_address on a web browser to launch the Integrated BMC Web Console
  2. Login using the BMC account credential with administrator privilege
  3. Navigate to Configuration -> Alert Email section
  4. From the list of events presented, select the one(s) that will trigger the desired alerts
  5. Under the Alert Destination #1 (or 2) sub-section, check SNMP and enter the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the system that has the SNMP software (SNMP trap receiver) installed
  6. Click on the Send Test Alert button and verify the trap is received by the SNMP software
Additional information

The Management Information Base (MIB) file that accompanies each SNMP is found in the System Update Package (SUP) of the server board. Loading the MIB file will allow the SNMP software to parse the trap information received. For more information, refer to the User Guides for Intel® SNMP Subagent.