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What Are the Process and Shipping Time for Orders Made from the Intel® Retail Edge Program?


Process and guidelines for orders made in Intel® Retail Edge Program


Unable to receive a tracking number and status update for the orders made in Intel® Retail Edge Program.


Once the item ships out from our orders hub,  allow four to six weeks for fullfillment time of orders. Expect a confirmation with your tracking details.

Offers, merchandise, and premium items are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and only while supplies last. Merchandise in the Online Store and Auctions is subject to availability. The following guidelines apply:

  • All items are shipped via ground.
  • A street address is required for shipping. PO boxes are ineligible to receive merchandise.
  • Items will be shipped within six weeks.
  • Shipping and taxes for items in the Online Store, Auctions, and Drawings throughout the US and Canada are paid for by the Sponsor as a part of the Program benefits.
  • Shipping, taxes, and any duties or fees for the Program will be paid for by the Member making the purchase.
  • Members will have access to tracking information and order history through the Online Store and Auctions.

All orders are final. Cancellations will not be honored.

If six weeks have passed and no order update is received, contact Intel Customer Support for further assistance.

Additional information

Different types of status

  • Shipped: Means your item has been shipped out from our orders hub and is on its way to your shipping address.
  • Open: The processing of your order has started.
  • Back-ordered: There was a high demand for this item, and we are waiting for more stock to arrive.