DDR5/DDR4 Memory Module Installation on Intel® 600 Series Motherboards Supporting 12th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors


Install & Setup



To achieve a targeted memory speed on Intel® 600 Series Chipsets with 12th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors, follow these recommendations:

  • Use two identical dual-in line memory module (DIMM) part numbers on 2-DIMM per channel (2DPC) to achieve Intel® Core™ 12th Generation targeted memory speed.
  • The targeted memory speed is not guaranteed when DIMMs of different part numbers are connected within the same channel (see bottom left image).
    • When mixed DIMMs are populated, the memory speed may be lower than target or the system may not boot.
  • Populating with a single DIMM per channel for either 1-DIMM per channel (1DPC) designed board and 2DPC designed board produces no memory speed impact.
  • This applies to DDR5 and DDR4 memory modules / DIMMs.


  • One DIMM per channel (1DPC) board design means one DIMM slot per channel (see bottom right image).
  • Two DIMMs per channel (2DPC) board design means two DIMM slots per channel (see upper left image).
  • 2DPC with Identical DIMMs means each 2DPC channel is populated with two identical DIMM part numbers within a single channel (see upper left image). One channel may have different part number than the other channel (see upper left / right images).
  • 2DPC with Mixed DIMMs means two different DIMM part numbers are populated in each memory slot within a single 2DPC channel (see bottom left image).

One and two DIMMs