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Does Intel Still Offer Sabbaticals to Their Employees?


Information on Intel Corporation's sabbatical benefit


Need information about Intel's sabbatical policy.


Sabbatical is one of Intel’s most popular benefits. It’s a unique opportunity to spend a paid, extended period of time away from work, and to relax and recharge.

Intel eligible employees have the option to take a four-week sabbatical after four years of eligible service, or an eight-week sabbatical after seven years of eligible service.

  • Eligibility criteria and benefit details for Intel's sabbatical program are confidential and cannot be shared with non-Intel employees.
  • Intel employees, go to Circuit > Pay & Benefits > Time Off > Paid Time Off & Vacation to learn more.

Intel's view is that employees deserve an opportunity to step away, try something new, explore the world, volunteer, or simply spend more time with their families and friends. They come back with a fresh, new, and valued perspective.

Additional information

Other eligibility criteria for sabbatical are confidential and cannot be shared with non-Intel employees.