Article ID: 000088564 Content Type: Connectivity Last Reviewed: 08/08/2022

Intel® Ethernet Controller I225-V Does Not Detect a Working Cable


Troubleshooting steps to perform in cable detection issue


Intel® Ethernet Controller I225-V does not recognize that there is a cable plugged in during initial integration on Asus Prime Z690A. Contacted manufacturer for replacement however, same issue occurs even on new motherboard.

  • Double check if the onboard LAN is enabled in BIOS.
  • Test connection using WIFI .
  • Use a known working cable or try different cables. Preferably cat5/cat5e or higher.
  • Try different ports of the router to ensure that it is not a port issue. 
  • Check with router manufacturer if they have a firmware update release that may improve the performance.
  • Set Speed & Duplex to 1Gbps, 100mbps or 10mpbs and check which of them will work for isolation.  Recommended setting is Auto Negotiation. Forcing link can result in a speed-duplex mismatch. This is common when one device is set to forced and its link partner is set as Auto-Negotiate.
  • Install and test latest or old driver from Intel or manufacturer(preferred).
  • Try a different Operating System(OS) to isolate the issue.
  • Try to install a fresh OS but with only motherboard drivers without any utilities, antivirus and Windows* updates (not recommend turning off the antivirus permanently, just for testing purposes). Motherboard software utilities, Windows* updates and antivirus can also cause conflict with the drivers that affects performance.
  • Try to power cycle the switch/router. Remove the cable from power outlet and reinstall again.
  • If issue still occurs, contact System manufacturer for possible latest BIOS and drivers update. They might have altered the features, incorporated customizations, or made other changes to the software or software packaging they provide. To avoid any potential installation incompatibilities on OEM system, Intel recommends checking with OEM and use the software provided via system manufacturer.