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Unable to Set Resolution to 4K at 60Hz When Using HDMI Port


Troubleshooting steps to take if you are unable to set resolution to 4K 60Hz when using HDMI.


Unable to set 4K 60Hz on Intel® UHD Graphics 630 on HDMI port, but it can be set on the DisplayPort (DP).


Try the following:

  • Check if your graphics product supports 4K at 60Hz:
    1. Visit the product specification site.
    2. Search for the processor model (example: i7-8700K).
    3. Under the Graphics Specifications, find the Maximum Resolution for HDMI, DisplayPort, and eDP.
  • Install the latest Intel® Graphics Driver.
  • If set to Clone mode, switch to Extended Desktop mode. In Clone mode, the resolution defaults to the highest resolution supported by both displays. 
  • Try another HDMI cable.
  • Use a straight HDMI connection without the use of adapters (HDMI to HDMI).
  • Install the latest system BIOS for your computer. Check with your computer manufacturer for the latest BIOS with added support for the larger display mode. Or, check for instructions on how to update the system BIOS on your computer. 
NoteSome ports may not support certain resolutions. To find the resolutions supported by your computer and display, check with those specific manufacturers.

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