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How to Upgrade My Membership in the Intel® Partner Alliance


Actions to upgrade or maintain your program membership tier


I have encountered one of the following issues:

  • Requirements met, but upgrade to Gold or Titanium tier is not reflecting on my account.
  • Need help confirming progress toward purchase/training requirements for tier upgrade.
  • My account is missing purchases and/or training credits required for upgrade.
  • Membership is about to expire, how do I retain my existing tier?
  • My account has the FPGA partner role. How do I confirm I've met the "Design Reg" requirement?
  • Why do I keep getting emails advising our account has not met the tier requirement for renewal?

The measurement period for any qualifying year is October through September.

  • Example: 2024 membership will be calculated based on activity from October 2022 through September 2023.

If you qualify for upgrade during that period, your account will be upgraded within thirty (30) days, and the upgrade will be valid for the rest of the current year as well as the following year.

  • Example: Your account meets the membership requirements in July of 2023 for the Gold tier. Within thirty days or less, your account will be upgraded to Gold tier. After September 2023, when we analyze our data for 2024 membership, your account will have already reached the requirements for 2024 so you will retain the Gold tier until the end of 2024.

To determine a partner's membership tier, Intel uses the following:

To confirm you have met the requirements for upgrade:

Your account will be automatically upgraded within 30 days of meeting the requirements listed above.

If your account has not been automatically upgraded within 30 days, or you feel your account is not showing accurate purchase and training information, you may contact Intel Customer Support, and our agents can help process the upgrade.

Include the following for faster service:

  • Account number
  • Current membership tier
  • Requested membership tier
  • Reason for Request

If you have received an email reminder stating that your account has not met the requirements for tier renewal, but you believe you have meet them, contact Intel Customer Support to confirm.