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How to Populate Drives in M50CYP2UR312 Server System 12x3.5″ Backplane?


Detail population and internal cabling information for the server system when using the internal SATA controller


Unable to properly cable the hot swappable backplane to the available ports on the board and unable to detect drives in BIOS.


To connect 12 drives and configure the RAID, we have 2 options as shown in column 3 and 4 of table 22 of the Configuration Guide for the Intel® Server System M50CYP Family.

Either using a Mezzanine RAID card or a PCIe RAID card.

Option 1: ( column 3 table 22) - SATA/SAS connections from Mezzanine SAS ROC module to backplane. This requires a SAS interposer card and a RAID card (in mezzanine form factor) installed on the interposer mezzanine port. Compatible RAID cards are listed in table 30. (SAS interposer card is shown in table 38. The Interposer card contains 2 slimSAS ports and a mezzanine port).

Connection involves 2 parts:

  1. Connecting the server board to the SAS interposer. This is the slimSAS connection mentioned in table 22. SB (server board) CPU slimSAS to interposer SlimSAS.
  2. Second part is connecting the RAID module installed on the SAS interposer to the back plane. Connect the RAID mini SAS to the backplane ports.

Option 2: (column 4 table 22) - SATA/SAS connections from PCIe* add in a RAID card to backplane. This requires a PCIe* RAID card. Compatible cards are listed in table 31. This is a simpler connection. Connect the RAID card to the Riser card. Then Connect the RAID mini SAS to the backplane port.

The riser card is needed to connect the RAID card PCIe* but the Riser card depends on what the customer needs in regards to the card features and it could be any of the options:

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