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How to Contact Technical Support for Intel® RealSense™ Products


Links for Intel® RealSense™ Help Center and other resources for camera technical issues and product support


Looking for all available technical support options for Intel® RealSense™ products.


There are many ways to receive technical support for Intel RealSense products:

  1. Visit Intel RealSense Help Center for hardware, software, and general assistance.
  2. Engage in the Community.
  3. Visit the Developer Center to download documentation, SDKs, and code samples.
  4. Learn how to get started with your camera.
  5. Access Regulatory Information: regulatory certificates, declarations, and safety information.
  6. Submit a request for technical assistance: (Most hardware-related questions can be answered by reading your product's datasheet)

Steps to create a technical support ticket:

  1. Visit Intel® RealSense Help Center
  2. Enter your Email address.
  3. Describe your issue in the Subject box.
  4. Select the Camera Model from the dropdown.
  5. Are you having problems activating a RealSense software product? Choose Yes or No.
  6. Enter the operating system details under What is Your Operating System?
  7. Select the SDK from the dropdown.
  8. Describe the issue in the Reproduction Steps and Description of Issue box.
  9. Attach the screenshot or files (if any) to the Attachments box. (Be sure to remove any personal information from the screenshot.)
  10. Click Submit.