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How to Execute the BIOS Default Reset on the Intel® Server Board S2600WT Family?


Micron memory MTA9ADF1G72PZ-3G2E1


Steps to clear the CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor)


An Intel® Server Board S2600WT. Trying to run a regular pc check on but it will not boot to it.


In order to have access to the Reset and Recovery Jumpers, please refer to section 11 of the Technical Product Specifications (Page 115).

The following instructions can be found at the Intel® Server Board S2600WT Product Family Technical Product Specification on section 11.1 BIOS Default Jumper Block:

This jumper resets BIOS options, configured using the <F2> BIOS Setup Utility, back to their original default factory settings.


This jumper does not reset Administrator or User passwords. In order to reset passwords, the Password Clear jumper must be used.

  1. Power down the server and unplug the power cord(s)
  2. Remove the system top cover and move the BIOS DFLT jumper from pins 1 - 2 (default) to pins 2 - 3

    (Set BIOS Defaults)

  3. Wait 5 seconds then move the jumper back to pins 1 - 2
  4. Re-install the system top cover
  5. Re-Install system power cords

    The system will automatically power on after AC is applied to the system.

  6. During POST, access the <F2> BIOS Setup utility to configure and save desired BIOS options

After resetting BIOS options using the BIOS Default jumper, the Error Manager Screen in the <F2> BIOS Setup Utility will display two errors:

  • 0012 System RTC date/time not set
  • 5220 BIOS Settings reset to default settings

The system time and date may need to be reset.