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How Long Does It Take to Receive the Order Made from the Rewards Catalog of the Intel® Partner Alliance Points Program?


Explains how timing depends upon several factors such as type of gift card and geographical regions.


I need to know the expected wait time after placing an order, as no email has been received yet.


Gift cards may be delivered digitally or by courier. The digitally delivered process may not be available; this could be due to several reasons:

  • Geo/country restrictions
    • Program is not currently available in PRC region.
  • Vendor/Redemption partners' restrictions

Here is how the gift card process works:

Digitally: (a physical gift card is not provided)

  1. Upon successful submission, recipient listed in the redemption request receives an email from the regional Intel® Partner Alliance Points Program confirming that a redemption has been made. Check your email for addresses that begin with IntelPartnerAlliance-Points- (ending of addresses vary based on region) or from
  2. Typically, within 3 to 7 business days, a second email sent by the specific vendor contains the details needed to use the card (amount, vendor, card number, order number, and so on).
    • Emails may contain terms and conditions based on selected vendor, geography/country. Retain these for your records.

Courier: (a physical gift card is provided)

  1. Upon successful submission, the redemption confirmation process is the same as described in #1 above.
  2. Within 10 to 20 business days, the selected vendor processes and sends the gift card via their preferred courier.
    • Some vendors may require courier to obtain a signature upon delivery.
  3. Upon receipt of the gift card, follow the instructions provided to register/activate the card.
  4. If no instructions are included, check your email, as some vendors prefer to send automated emails containing the information.
    • Emails may contain terms and conditions based on selected vendor, geography/country. Retain these for your records.

For further assistance, submit a request to Intel Customer Support (sign-in required).

  1. Enter details in the text box Tell us about your issue or question regarding Intel® Partner Alliance.
  2. Click Next: Details button to include any attachments (screenshots, photos, files, or others).
    • Include all emails or confirmations received as described above
  3. Select opt-in or opt-out opportunity to participate in Customer Improvement Program.
  4. Click Submit Request button.
Additional information

Gift cards, available to use with various merchants around the globe, are just one of the rewards available during points redemption through the Intel® Partner Alliance. Gift card distribution is facilitated through different vendors based on geography/region/country and is subject to availability.

For cases when no email about the order's details has been received within the timeframe based on the region, check with Intel Customer Support so they can request the vendor to resend the email.