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How Can I Configure the Power Supplies on an Intel® Server Board S2600WF Family?


Intel® Server Board S2600WF Intel® Server System S2600WF


Power supply configurations available in the Intel® Server Board S2600WF Family


Unable to configure the power supplies to use combined power (2+0) in the Intel® Server Board S2600WF Family.


The server system can have up to two power supply modules installed and can support the following power supply configurations:

  • 1+0 (single power supply)
  • 1+1 redundant power
  • 2+0 combined power (nonredundant)

1+1 redundant power and 2+0 combined power configurations are automatically configured depending on the total power draw of the system. If the total system power draw exceeds the power capacity of a single power supply module, power from the second power supply module is utilized. If this occurs, power redundancy is lost.

In a 2+0 power configuration, total power available may be less than twice the rated power of the installed power supply modules due to the amount of heat produced with both supplies providing peak power. If system thermal levels exceed programmed limits, platform management attempts to keep the system operational.

Refer to Intel® Server System R2000WF Product Family TPS for more details.