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Can't Change the Screen Resolution When Using a QHD (Quad HD) Monitor


Dell P2419H HP 27mq Dell Latitude 5410 Dell Docking Station WD19TBS Thunderbolt

Windows® 10, 64-bit*


Screen resolution can't be changed when using a QHD (Quad HD) and a Full High Definition (FHD) monitor connected to the same docking station.


Can't change the screen resolution when using a QHD (Quad HD) and Full High Definition (FHD) monitor while it's connected to the same docking with a display set to extended mode.


To change the screen's resolution, go through the following steps:

  1. Confirm the maximum supported resolution of the Processor Graphics.
  2. Confirm the supported resolutions of the Monitor with the display manufacturer.
  3. Confirm the specification Docking Station with the dock manufacturer.
  4. Try another video cable connector or try another port.
  5. Try connecting the monitor directly to the computer video port and the other monitor directly connected to the docking station to isolate the problem.
  6. Contact your computer manufacturer for more information and further assistance if the issue is still the same.
Additional information

A docking station or port replicator provides a simplified way of connecting multiple peripherals like keyboard, mouse, printer, external hard drives and one or more external monitors to a laptop PC which usually have limited connectivity ports. Most docking stations or port replicators have video ports to connect two or more external monitors and is similar to connecting your computer to your monitor, you just need to have the correct cables.