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Intel® Ethernet Controller I210-IT Reporting "event 27 networks are disconnected"


Intel® Ethernet Controller I210-IT

Windows® 10, 64-bit*


Steps to troubleshoot error 27 on the Network.


Intel® Ethernet Controller I210-IT reports "event 27 networks are disconnected" on a regular basis (as frequent as every 30 minutes). 


Your device might have customized drivers and software to enable or alter features to improve operations that are provided by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Contact the OEM for the latest updates and technical support information.

We recommend that you verify the Switch compatibility.

Additionally, there may be settings that can be changed to work around this issue. Test the following suggestions:

  1. Energy Efficient Ethernet: currently off, if the switch port is enabled, the switch may be dropping the connection
  2. Flow Control: Does the switch support this? For adapters to benefit from this feature, link partners must support flow control frames. Try with different settings.
  3. Gigabit Master-Slave Mode: Changing the setting may improve link quality with certain link partners. If the switch is in Master Mode, try changing NIC to Forced Slave Mode from auto-detect.
  4. Perform Clean Driver Installation. If the Intel® Ethernet Controller is embedded on the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) system, it's best to check with the manufacturer as the software drivers linked from Intel page are generic versions, and can be used for general purposes. To avoid any potential installation incompatibilities on the OEM system, Intel recommends checking with the OEM and use the software provided via the system manufacturer.
  5. Change Speed/Duplex from Auto-Negotiate to 1.0 Gbps Full Duplex to see if there was a negotiation issue
  6. Uncheck Power Management option to Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power
  7. Uncheck Power Management option to Allow this device to wake the computer
  8. Try to perform a fresh OS installation then test it without any Windows updates. If it does work, possible that this could be windows update compatibility issue.
  9. If it still does not work with a clean installation of Windows, contact the manufacturer for possible RMA.