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Intel® NUC Error Message: “A bootable device has not been detected” When Integrating a Known Working SSD


Windows® 10, 64-bit*


Lists the factors that can cause the error message and possible workarounds.


When trying to integrate an SSD with Windows already installed on it into a new NUC, the error message: "A bootable device has not been detected" appears.   

The SSD is detected in the BIOS, and works when installed into an older machine.


The two most likely reasons why the Intel NUC is getting the error:

  1. The Operating System was installed on the SSD when the system was configured to boot using Legacy mode (in the BIOS). This is most likely to happen when the SSD has been migrated from an older OS, like Windows 7,  to Windows 10.
    1. Enter the BIOS and see if you can set the Boot mode to legacy.
    2. If that isn't an option, you may have to re-install the OS on the new system, as legacy mode is not supported.
  2. The SSD is configured to run with BitLocker Enabled
    1. Install the SSD in the old system and disable BitLocker
    2. Install the SSD to the new system to boot into Windows. You may re-enable BitLocker on the new system if desired.

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