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How to Fix a Noisy Fan in Built-in System with Intel® Processors


Explanation and how to fix an issue of a loud fan installed in a built-in system with Intel processors


The fan installed in the built-in system is making loud noises.


Follow the steps listed below as they might resolve the issue: 

  1. Check if any software is running in the background that you are unaware of. 
    • Using Task Manager, check programs running under Processes tab and check CPU usage percentage. 
    • Click the program and click End task.
  2. Check for overheating issues. Refer to troubleshooting tips for overheating.
  3. Check for CPU fan control configuration menu in BIOS, and check to make sure settings are correct for the desired acoustic behavior.
  4. Clean the fan if dust is present.
  5. Place the fan heatsink properly. If not installed correctly, the fan will run most likely at the maximum speed.
  6. Check the Thermal Interface Material (TIM) for visible degradation or contamination.  Note that some materials cannot be re-used once disassembled.

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