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How to Troubleshoot Intel® Network Adapter Port down Issue




Steps to find out what is causing connectivity problems on network interface card (NIC)


Ethernet port is showing down on the system.

  1. If a Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) is installed, re-seat the SFP modules.
  2. Swap working SFP module/cable and see if the issue will follow the SFP device or remain at the network interface card (NIC) port.
  3. Verify the SFP brand and if both host and switch are using the same brand (Intel recommends using Intel SFP module for both host and switch side). Refer to compatibility list:
  4. Check if FEC (Forward Error Correction)1 setting is enabled on the NIC (host) and on the switch side.
  5. List the network adapter installed using the following CLI (Command-Line Interface) commands. Verify the output before and after the re-seat was performed.
    • VMware ESXi* : esxcli network nic list (list network adapters)
    • Linux* : lspci (list all PCI devices); ethtool (NIC/driver)
    • PowerShell* : Get-IntelNetAdapter
  6. If the issue persists, consider replacing the SFPs and/or Network Adapter.

It is recommended to have the latest firmware for your NIC.

VMware ESXi* : esxcli network nic get –n vmnic# (Provide firmware version.)

Linux* : ethtool -i ethX


1FEC: Forward error correction is a powerful method of correcting errors that can occur on a serial link.

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