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How to Accept Intel Competency Badges and/or Transfer or Merge Badges Earned through Intel® Partner University when Changing Employment to Another Company


Explains Credly* service on accepting badges, updating your profile and email addresses, and transferring or merging awarded competency achievements as a member of the Intel® Partner Alliance.

  • Moved to a different Company/IPA Business Account and want to take my Intel Digital Badges earned through Intel® Partner University from the previous Company to the new Company.
  • Received the Competency Badge at my Personal Email Address instead of my IPA Registered Email Address.

Intel has partnered with Credley to provide digital badges for Intel® Partner University Competencies. These badges are a great way to display the Intel-based skills and knowledge IPA Users have obtained through particular training programs.

  • Participants must first accept the badge from the digital credential company, Credly*, in order for it to appear in Intel® Partner University.
  • It is possible to take Intel competency badges with you as you transition to another employer.
  • If you have a different email set up with badges, it is possible to merge your Credly accounts.
Additional information

What are the Intel competencies?Deep skill-enhancing curriculum-based training

  1. Deep knowledge of Intel® products, technologies, and solutions
  2. Showcase unique Intel-based knowledge
  3. Earn badges:
    • Qualifying Partner companies can display badges to show company/staff expertise
    • Individuals from Partner can display and share badges to show skills
  4. Reward and recognize individuals

Types of competencies

  1. Solution Pro: Foundational content and oriented for Business Development and Sales
  2. Technical Pro: Technical orientation, deep dive into technologies

Steps to earning and sharing your Intel competency badge

  1. Learn and earn the badge
    • Visit Intel® Partner University in order to commence and complete the competency
  2. Claim the badge
    • To make sure you receive your badge notification email, and that it doesn't wind up in your spam folder, add / as a Contact or Safe Sender.
    • We suggest creating an account on Credly with the email address to which the badge was issued. This will allow you to accept the badge from the Dashboard.
    • If you already have an account registered to another email address, add the email address your badge was issued to as a secondary to your account.
  3. Share the badge
    • Online representations of your competency achievements can be added to an electronic resume, LinkedIn* or Twitter* profiles, email signatures, or personal and company websites.
    • When you set up your Credly account to accept the badge, you will be offered a step to 'share' the badge.
    • Additional resources about sharing your badge.