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Where to Find Regulatory Certificates for Intel® Products


References to locate the available Regulatory Certificates for Intel® products.


Unable to find the Regulatory Certificates for my Intel product.

Before continue reading, consider that...
  • Intel does not provide Regulatory Certificates for pre-release products, engineering samples or non-revenue products. Intel does not support products in retired status as these parts are not active, no longer being manufactured, or purchased, and no inventory is available.
  • Intel does not provide regulatory test reports.
  • Regulatory certificates may not be available if the product is out of scope for a specific certification. The reason being one of the following:
    1. Product is out of scope for that certification. The reason may be:
      • The product is not being shipped to a region, and therefore it was never certified for that region's specific regulations.
      • The product may be shipped to a region but out of scope for the region specific regulation due to product features.
    2. Product is an Engineering Sample, Evaluation Kit, Test Equipment, or a Development Vehicle (DV). In most cases, these products are out of scope for region-specific certification requirements. The exception is CE marked Development Vehicle.
    3. Products that have reached End of Life and do not fall under the scope of the 15-year retention period for regulatory documents.

To find the respective Regulatory Certificates for your Intel product follow the recommendations below:

Intel® Ethernet Network Adapters

Refer to Regulatory Information Index for Intel® Ethernet Network Adapters

  • If you are looking for Safety certification, note that all the Intel Ethernet Network Adapters are covered under one certificate: UL Certificate of Compliance for all Intel Ethernet Adapters. You can find this certificate by following the above-mentioned link.
  • If you are looking for EMC certificates, such as Japan VCCI Report of Compliance, South Korea Certificate, Taiwan BSMI Declaration of Conformity, Australia, and New Zealand Declaration, click the Intel Ethernet Product name to be redirected to the Regulatory documentation page.
  • Note that you may find additional information on Ecology compliance documents (REACH Declaration, DCL for RoHS Phthalates, Letter of Volatility) in the same page.

Intel® NUC

Refer to Regulatory Information Index for Intel® NUC Products

  • Click the Regulatory certificates and declarations for Intel NUC options to be re-directed to links for regulatory certificates, declarations, and safety information. There are three categories for NUC products:
    1. Intel® NUC Mini PCs
    2. Intel® NUC Kits
    3. Intel® NUC Boards
  • If you know the regulatory name of your product, click the appropriate link provided under the Intel NUC column. You will be redirected to the regulatory document page for that specific product. You can find all regulatory documents for regulatory categories (EMC, Energy, Power adapter, Radio, Safety) there.

Intel® Wireless Products

Refer to Regulatory Documents for Intel® Wireless Products

  • Once you are in this page, click the Current Adapter or Legacy Adapter option depending upon the type of product. You will be redirected to the product-specific regulatory document page.

Declaration of Conformity (DoC)

Refer to Where to Find Declaration of Conformity (DoC) Documentation for Intel® Products

Additional information

Product certification or product qualification is the process of certifying that a certain product has passed performance tests, and meets qualification criteria stipulated in contracts, regulations, or specifications in the product specification industry. These certificates are provided by test labs or certification bodies, which are accredited to perform testing and issue certificates by accreditation bodies.

Intel products, if in scope, may have certificates to show compliance to various EMC, Safety, Energy Efficiency, RF, and other standards for ship-to regions. A few examples of regulatory certificates are FCC, CE, BSMI, VCCI, KC, EAC, NRTL, NOM, UL.

Following is a general guidance for region specific regulatory certifications:

  • General Safety: CB/NRTL/UL
  • USA: FCC
  • Canada: ICES
  • Australia/NZ: RCM
  • EU: CE
  • Russia: ERAC
  • Germany: GC
  • UK: UKCA
  • China: CCC
  • Taiwan: BSMI
  • Korea: KC
  • Japan: VCCI
  • India: BIS
  • Malaysia: SIRIM
  • Mexico and few other South American regions: NOM