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Code 10 Error in Device Manager for Intel® Ethernet Connection


Windows* 11

Windows 11* Family, Windows® 10, 64-bit*


Troubleshooting steps to try to resolve the Code 10 error in the Device Manager for Intel® Ethernet Connection


Code 10 error found in Device Manager. Tried resetting network, removing/reinstalling driver, and downloading Intel® Network Adapter for Windows® 10, but the issue still persists.


Follow the steps below to fix the issue:

  1. Uninstall the device driver and restart the system to check if it may be driver related.
  2. Remove any hardware that was recently installed in the system. There could be a device causing a hardware conflict or compatibility issues.
  3. Perform a clean installation of drivers. Uninstalling and then reinstalling the drivers for the device is a likely solution to a Code 10 error.
  4. Try a new Cat 6 cable.
  5. Clear the CMOS battery and check with the board manufacturer if the BIOS is already updated to its latest version.
  6. Try an older version of the Local Area Network (LAN) driver from the manufacturer or use the inbox driver from Microsoft. Installing the older drivers for the device might correct the Code 10 error.
  7. As a last resource, try a repair install of Windows*. If this doesn't work, try a clean install of Windows*.
  8. If the issue still persists after trying out the steps above, contact the manufacturer for possible motherboard RMA.