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Intel® NUC Not Powering On


Steps to resolve Intel® NUC not powering on.


What to do when the system won't power on by pressing power button.


Try the following Steps:

  1. Try using a different Power Outlet
  2. Test a different power adapter or cord on the Intel® NUC
  3. Reseat RAM or Memory Module and SSD

Optional Step:

Clearing CMOS via CMOS battery disconnection, follow steps below:
  1. Disconnect all peripherals, devices and power cords from the Intel® NUC
  2. Remove the bottom chassis cover.
  3. Remove the board from the chassis to access the battery on the processor side of the board, if needed.
  4. Disconnect the Onboard Battery Connector of the CMOS. (Refer to CMOS Battery on the Intel® NUC)
  5. Wait for 2-3 minutes.
  6. Connect the Onboard Battery Connector of the CMOS.
  7. Reinstall the board in the chassis.
  8. Replace the chassis cover.
  9. Reconnect all peripherals, devices and the power adapter.
  10. Press the power button.

If in need of further assistance, contact Intel Customer Support.

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