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Getting No Boot and No Display for Intel Server Board M10JNP2SB


Replacing the Power Supply can help solve the issue

  • Unit is newly purchased
  • The components used are validated
  • Disconnected all hard disks
  • Changed CPU and RAM
  • Reset the BIOS
  • Bench tested outside of chassis
  • System is not booting, no beep sounds and getting a black screen only
  • No LED light comes up
  1. Make sure that Main Power 2 is also connected from the power supply.

    Please refer to the link below and go to page 11 for the product specification of M10JNP2SB.

  2. Make sure that both RAM/Memory are installed on DIMM_A0 and DIMM_A1.

    Please refer to the product specification of M10JNP2SB on page 19 for the memory configuration.

  3. Try to use one DIMM at a time on DIMM_A1 slot only.
  4. Remove the CMOS battery for 5 minutes and reinstall it back then test the system.
  5. Do a PSU (Power Supply) isolation test to check if the fault does not lie on the PSU.
  6. Test a different power distribution board.


Note: If you have any questions, please contact Intel Support

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