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How to Complete a Remote OS Re-imaging While Using the Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel® EMA)


Windows® 10 family


Steps to complete a remote OS imaging while using the Intel® EMA


Unable to complete a remote OS re-imaging while using Intel® EMA

  1. Keep provisioned the endpoint by Intel® EMA that requires reinstallation of the OS (Operating system).
  2. Verify that the Intel® EMA server machine is configured in administrator control mode (ACM), so the client computer is not prompted with an access code.
    To verify that the computer is in administrator control mode, please refer to section 1.2.7 Intel® AMT Provisioning/Setup Flow in Intel® EMA of the Intel® EMA Admin and usage guide.
  3. With the administrator control mode, the provisioned client computer can be accessed without an OS installed, or it can be rebuilt via PXE, USB, or bootstrapping with the steps described in sections 6.4.9 to 6.4.10. of the Intel® EMA Administration and Usage Guide.
  4. After the OS has been rebuilt and is up and functional then, an attempt to go In-Band (i.e., RDP, VNC, TeamViewer) can be completed.
  5. Once the In-Band connectivity has been established, the system can be unconfigured with the Intel® EMA Configuration Tool
  6. Stop provisioning the endpoint from the Intel® EMA server console. Choose the endpoint then, in the actions button select Stop managing the client machine.
  7. Reinstall the Intel® EMA agent file in the endpoint. For this process, a third-party tool or physical access to the endpoint is necessary.
Additional information

For more information refer to the Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel® EMA) installation and maintenance guide.

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