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Where to Find Declaration of Conformity (DoC) Documentation for Intel® Products


Steps to download the available DoC documentation for Intel® products.


Unable to find the Declaration of Conformity (DoC) documentation for my Intel® product.

Before continue reading, consider that...
  • Intel does not provide DoC documentation for pre-release products, engineering samples or non-revenue products. Intel does not support products in retired status as these parts are not active, no longer being manufactured, or purchased, and no inventory is available.
  • Batteries and Power Supply Units (PSU) are not manufactured by Intel. They are owned by ODMs such as Delta, Flextronics, or others.

To find the respective DoC for your Intel product follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Declaration of Conformity.
  2. Click the desired product type.
  3. Locate the specific product model.
    • For servers and server motherboards, refer to the server family DoC.
    • For Solid-State Drives (SSD) product models, remove the last 2 characters for a success search. For example: SSDSC2KW512G8X1.
  4. Click the Download button to download the DoC.

Notes about Intel® Processors

  • For CPUs, only Boxed CPUs have an Intel Declaration of Conformity.  Non-Boxed (Tray) CPUs are provided to third-party manufacturers. It is those manufacturers' responsibility to conduct system-level testing and create their own Declaration of Conformity. This also applies to any regulatory certificates such as safety certificates. Refer to What Is the Difference Between Boxed and Tray Processors? for additional information.
  • CB safety certification for Boxed CPUs can be found here.
Additional information

The DoC is a document that declares that the products mentioned/covered therein comply with regulatory requirements and international standards and directives (Safety, EMC, RoHS, etc.) relevant to the product. By signing the DoC, the manufacturer or the authorized representative is stating that the product is compliant with the applicable regulatory requirements. Compliance with those standards is confirmed by associated testing on that product.

DoC documents typically contain the following information:

  • DoC reference number or revision number
  • Manufacturer or authorized representative name, title, full business address and signature
  • The product regulatory model number, marketing name, product description, product type, model, or type identification
  • A statement, indicating that the manufacturer or authorized representative takes responsibility
  • Means of identification of product allowing traceability (this can include an image)
  • The details of the notified body which carried out the conformity assessment procedure (if applicable)
  • The relevant legislation with which the product complies, as well as any harmonized standards or other means used to prove compliance
  • The date the declaration was issued
  • Supplementary information (if applicable)

Depending upon the country for which the DoC is issued, the DoC language requirements may vary. Please note that currently, only international DoC for Intel products are published in Declaration of Conformity. The international DoC is intended to meet the requirements for countries having the need for DoC as part of conformity assessment (e.g.: EU, AU, NZ, UK, US). 

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