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What Is the Game Fast Feature in the Intel® Killer™ Intelligence Center?


Windows® 10 family


Information about the Game Fast feature's purpose for gaming.


Looking for information on what the Game Fast feature in the Intel® Killer™ Intelligence Center does.

Also unable to find the reason why the Game Fast feature is not being activated automatically while playing single-player games. 


The Game Fast feature sets a priority so that your most speed-critical applications get first access to your bandwidth. In the Intel® Killer™ Intelligence Center, the Game Fast feature can be also enabled for offline games, however it is mostly focused on improving online play. Without it, every application that uses your Internet connection gets equal treatment, which can cause noticeably slower speeds.

For example, say you are playing a data-intensive game, also streaming a YouTube video, and downloading a large file, without the Intel® Killer Control Center your game might have issues as it has to share the bandwidth equally.

With the Intel® Killer Control Center, the game will be given all the bandwidth it needs, while the video is slowed (which means it’ll likely buffer a bit more to start, and then work correctly), and your download is the lowest priority.

If you are watching a streaming video but not gaming, priority will be given to that streaming video, which will result in noticeably smoother playback and less buffering.

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