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How to Find Product Release Qualification (PRQ) Documentation for Intel Products


Steps to download the available Production Release Qualification (PRQ) documentation for Intel products from the Intel Resource and Documentation Center portal.


Unable to find the Product Release Qualification (PRQ) documentation for my Intel product.

  • Product Release Qualification (PRQ) information is Intel Confidential. Login is required to follow the steps in this article.
  • Intel does not provide PRQ documentation for pre-release products, engineering samples, or non-revenue products. Intel does not support products in retired status as these parts are not active, no longer being manufactured or purchased, and no inventory is available.

Follow the steps below to find the available PRQ report for your Intel product:

  1. Go to Resource and Documentation Center.
  2. Log into the portal.
  3. Within the Resource and Documentation Center page, search for the desired product using the spec code. For example: SRLGH.
  4. Click the applicable Qualification Report from the document list to download the file.

If you do not know the spec code, you may locate your Qualification Report using the following methods:

  • Open Resource and Documentation Center. From the home page, navigate to By Content Type and select Intel Product Qualification Reports. Enter the marketing name and the word qualification in the Search this collection field. For example:  Xeon D1702 qualification. Click the applicable Qualification Report from the document list to download the file.
  • To find the applicable spec code, search using the marketing name or code name in the product specification page (ARK). Select your product and click Ordering and Compliance to find the spec code. Then search using the spec code in the Resource and Documentation Center to find the PRQ report.
Additional information

Product Release Qualification (PRQ) documentation is used to help customers certify the Intel products in their manufacturing process.