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How to Find Manufacturing Advantage Service (MAS) Documentation for Intel® Products


Steps to download from the Intel® Resource and Design Center portal the available MAS documentation for Intel® products.


Unable to find the Manufacturing Advantage Service (MAS) documentation for my Intel product.

  • Manufacturing Advantage Service (MAS) information is Intel Confidential. Login is required to follow the steps in this article.
  • Intel does not provide MAS documentation for pre-release products, engineering samples, or non-revenue products. Intel does not support products in retired status as these parts are not active, no longer being manufactured, or purchased, and no inventory is available.
  • Product qualification information for Intel® FPGAs and programmable devices is obtainable through the Intel® FPGAs and Programmable Devices website. Register in the website to gain access to the required information.

Manufacturing Advantage Service (MAS) documentation is intended to define a general reference process for manufacturing with Intel products and technologies.

To find the available MAS documentation for your Intel product follow the steps below:

  1. Search for your product code name in the product specification page (ARK). For example: Kaby Lake.
  2. Go to the Resource and Design Center homepage.
  3. Log into the portal.
  4. Use one of these options to find the MAS documentation:
    • Option #1: Search for the document All Segment MAS Document. This document has a reference to all published MAS documents.
    • Option #2: Search for the product code name plus the word Manufacturing. For example: Kaby Lake Manufacturing. All MAS documents start with the word Manufacturing.
    • Option #3: Within the Technical Library section, select the product type followed by the product family. Scroll down through all listed documents, or search for the word Manufacturing.