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My Points Are Missing from the Intel® Partner Alliance Points Portal


How to contact Intel when partner points are absent from the account

  • Unable to see earned points in the Intel® Partner Alliance points portal
  • Points were not awarded for all of my purchase
  • Points earning entitlement is not active
  • I need to report missing points
  • Points of the Intel-based purchases from Redington (INDIA) Ltd. are not credited to the account.
  • Promotional points from Intel promotional activities are missing from my account

Companies enrolled in the Intel® Partner Alliance may be eligible to earn points for purchases of qualifying Intel products from Intel® Authorized Distributors/Suppliers.

Check How to View Points Earned In Intel® Partner Alliance to locate your Points Statement in the Partner Points Portal.

If points are not reflected in the portal, first check your total sales out. Points are awarded approximately two weeks after sales purchases and invoice details show in the Partner Dashboard. If the purchase is visible in sales out, you may need to allow some time for the Points portal to be updated.

Key considerations:

  • Not all Intel products are eligible to receive Points, and the matrix of eligible products and changes each quarter.
  • Member, Gold, and Titanium badge tier partners can redeem points.
  • Purchases must be made through an Intel Authorized Distributor or Supplier. Purchases from other sources are not eligible for points.
  • Purchases from Intel Authorized Distributor before signing the Intel Partner Alliance terms and conditions can be recorded to your account as part of sales revenue but will not be awarded as points for points-eligible products.
  • Redington (India) Ltd does not provide product information so no points can be awarded to those purchases.
  • When purchasing branded systems like Dell, Lenovo, and others, points will only be awarded for the equivalent cost of the Intel components, not the total cost of the system.
    • This ensures a partner who buys Intel® boxed processers and builds a custom system is awarded the same points as a partner who buys and resells a pre-built branded system.

If you still have issues with missing points, contact Intel Customer Support.
You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Purchase date
  • Distributor name
  • Invoice number
  • Product purchased
  • Quantity purchased
  • List of completed courses for Intel Partner University Promotion
  • Screenshot as proof of your participation on Intel Promotion
Additional information

Intel must be notified of any missing points within six (6) months of the date on which relevant Points are claimed to have been earned, or such Points will be forfeited. Intel will not investigate and/or adjust for purchases that are older than six (6) months from the date the issue is escalated to Intel.

Intel will only consider claims which are submitted in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Points Pages.  Points are subject to the Intel® Points Terms and Conditions found in Appendix B.